I'm running router.push() when updating a form, which re-triggers a lot of ... OS: [e.g. macOS, Windows]; Browser (if applies) [e.g. chrome, safari]; Version of Next.js: [e.g. 6.0.2] 9.1.5 ... It will just update the url without calling getInitialProps . But you need to be sure that when you refresh the page the result might be different.... push() : Make page navigation; replace() : Make page navigation without adding to browser history; back() : Navigate to previous history location; reload().... Oct 13, 2020 push('/') un-mounts the entire react app loaded there. This means the whole context gets wiped. Next step was to push back to the index route in.... Mar 21, 2019 I've got a problem with NextJS, shallow routing and getInitialProps. ... Then using {shallow: true} routing change the URL (without further SSR) for client ... which doesn't seem to fire upon router.push in the Search component.. Jun 18, 2021 Next.js has a file-based routing system in which each page ... rendered with slug?.js route handler, without any query params. ... This is an error // Failed to reload dynamic routes: Error: You cannot ... similar to push but replaces the current URL instead of adding a new URL entry into the history stack.. The key difference is that I would like to use Next.js's Clean URLs. The issue I'm having is that whenever router.push() is called, I get a full reload rather than just.... Dec 14, 2020 How do we tell Next.js to re-fetch the data, on demand, without doing a ... If you're wondering about router.replace : it's like router.push , but it.... May 9, 2021 In a component, you can use the useRouter hook: import { useRouter } from 'next/router' //... const router = useRouter()... 538a28228e

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